Spot The Dancer - Dance The Spot

Silke Gerinckx

  • Performance
  • Wandeling


15.05.2021 13:00



Stedelijk Natuurreservaat Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen
Driepikkelstraat 32
1000 Brussel

Welcome to the Bourgoyen, the green heart of Ghent. The countryside has never had as many visitors as the last 12 months, while the theatres and other cultural organisations have been closed. That’s why it’s high time that culture is brought to the countryside. On your walk today, you’ll notice that there’s something different.

Do you know the bird hide here? You might have seen a godwit or a lapwing from there. You might see them today as well, but there are also strange birds in the Bourgoyen this weekend. Various characters have made it their home today and can’t wait for you to see them. Between 1 and 4 pm they will be appearing and disappearing in and out of the bushes and along the paths. They are not just there to be seen, but also to dance for you.

About Silke Gerinckx

I am Silke Gerinckx (1997, Roeselare), performer and maker.

The main thread of all my work is theatricality and absurd humour. I make productions where voice, movement and the body are central. In doing so, I like to make use of abstract sounds that can be alienating, create characters as leitmotif, or set the atmosphere.

The starting point are my personal fantasies which I make universal. I want to draw the audience’s attention to everyday realities that people often miss.

I look for the connection between people and their fragility in different ways. With an open mind I dive into an ocean of innumerable voices.

Spot the Dancer is the first time that I will be performing in public.