The thumb rules


Before you sign up, it’s important to know if CODE DANS + is suiting for you.


Can you tick off all the points?

  • CODE DANS + is for creators and choreographers who are creating a project with a link to amateur dance (e.g. because they work with amateur dancers) or who are at the beginning of their dance career.
  • Your idea transcends your regular functioning. CODE DANS + searches for creative, experimental insertions that provide growth and development.
  • The performance will take place outside the black box of a theater (if applicable).
  • Your project starts at the earliest November 1, 2024 and ends before December 1, 2025.
  • The applicant is + 18 years old and lives in Flanders or Brussels.


What is not eligible?

  • School projects and private initiatives with commercial purposes
  • Investment costs, fixed costs (EGW, telephone…), foreign travel costs
  • Persons or organizations subsidized in the arts


Interesting to know:

  • Creators and choreographers applying for CODE DANS support for the first time will have priority over creators and choreographers who have already received support in previous editions.
  • Danspunt, RADAR and external expert(s) will make a selection of about 30 projects that will be supported in 2024-2025.
  • You cannot submit the same project for both CODE DANS + and MaakPlaats, Danspunt’s laboratory project.
  • If you participate in CODE DANS +, your work may be photographed or filmed and appear on Danspunt’s social media and you must mention the logo of CODE DANS + and the Flemish Government on every publication (print and online).
  • It is possible to request funding from other organizations as well, but of course only for other costs, you cannot have 1 cost double-funded. In any case, explain well what you need these extra funds for.
  • Danspunt & RADAR provide the support, you provide the organization and the audience!