1. Tips for writing your application

TIP 1: Double-check the thumb rules to make sure you qualify. Can you check off all the dots?

TIP 2: Make sure you write down your idea as clearly as possible. Have a friend or acquaintance proofread it and ask them for feedback.

TIP 3: Demonstrate how CODE DANS + can help foster talent development.

TIP 4: Not a born writer? Enthusiasm & excitement prevail. Don’t get lost and focus on why you want to do this project and how you want to achieve it.

TIP 5: Who are you? What do you stand for? Why is accomplishing your project important (and unique)? Highlight this!


2. Tips for preparing your budget

Preparing a budget is not an easy task, but essential when applying for financial assistance. Hopefully these tips will help you along the way.

TIP 1: Don’t panic. It takes some work, agreed! But it’s preparation that you make and that will ease the process of your project.

TIP 2: Think carefully about what you want to do exactly and what supplies and people you will need to accomplish this project. The budget template in the application form will put you on the right track of what costs are involved in a project.

TIP 3: Request quotes, do price comparisons, google the price of materials… & reflect your research in your budget. Talk about how you arrive at certain costs, especially for larger amounts.

TIP 4: List your income: How many tickets do you expect to sell? How much beverage revenue? Will you sell merchandise or other items? Will you get any funds from other funding sources: government, city, sponsors…?

This will make sure you have an idea of how much money you will be short of and thus apply to CODE DANS


3. Tips for organizing an event or project

TIP 1: On ikorganiseer.be you will find a lot of tips on money matters, obligations, volunteers, communication of your event, safety and prevention….

Are you setting up your first activity? Or do you have questions about certain aspects of organizing an event, be sure to consult their site.

TIP 2: Copyright. Dance often involves (live) music. Register your activity with Unisono. Have questions about this? Contact them directly and they will help you see the forest for the trees.

TIP 3: Borrow equipment? Many cities or towns have a lending service. Furthermore, you can also contact your province’s lending service. In addition, feel free to make a call, or reach out to local organizations/cultural centers; sharing materials is the future! Or you rent from a private company, of course.

TIP 4: Working with volunteers? Then surf to Vlaams Steunpunt voor Vrijwilligerswerk. There you can search for volunteers, read up on obligations or take out free insurance for them.

TIP 5: Business and administrative support, how do you pay someone? Should I set up a non-profit organization? What funding opportunities exist? Check the info on the website of Danspunt or Cultuurloket.

TIP 6: Extra resources?