Nathaniel Moore and Ainsley Tharp - untitled rituals for renaturalization

Nathaniel Moore and Ainsley Tharp

  • Performance
  • Installatie


30.08.2021 21:00

31.08.2021 21:00

01.09.2021 21:00

02.09.2021 21:00

03.09.2021 21:00

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1000 Brussel

Archetypal deer woman possesses the cage of a white male body. Shaking him into overflow onto the brick and concrete floors and walls of Brussels. She is a determinate force of anti-alienation. Her children call for connection and she responds by indiscriminately thrashing the oppressive "ideal" body into submission, into a bowing connection to the immaterial past and other than human entities laboring in the beingness of the city. Deer woman is connected to the beating heart of the mountain displaced to the cities. The rituals she instigates intend to create anti-consumerist relations to displaced materials with the hope of renaturalizating relations to non- and past-human consciousness. To puncture through the alienation of consumptive temporalities. The city is always speaking, there are rituals to listen to.

About Nathaniel Moore and Ainsley Tharp

Nathaniel Moore is a white US-american choreographer/dancer based in Brussels researching in the post-masters’ program at a.pass. Their practice revolves around creating methods for collaborating with ghosts and the unseen, creating together improvisations, choreographies, and spaces which hold potential for re-pairing (bridging-through-alienation)

Ainsley Elizabeth Tharp is a Bay Area (Ohlone territory) based alchemist + artist + activist. She grew up in Victoria, Texas (Karankawas territory), and carries with her influence from catholic school, Mexican/Mesoamerican myth, celtic folklore and white southern trailer trash. She creates visual landscapes as performance using various modes and media, such as movement, magic, ritual, video, projection, lighting, and the sculpting of readymade objects.