Inanna's Rising

Mystery Pact

  • Wandeling
  • Installatie
  • Expo
  • Film


13.11.2021 18:00

14.11.2021 14:00



Gentsesteenweg 366
9240 Zele

Mystery Pact takes you on a mythical walk, a total experience in an intimate circle. You will be led past various scenes and immersed in the story of Inanna, the first goddess of the Sumerian civilisation, the goddess of heaven and earth. Inanna embarks on a journey to the underworld; i.e. a journey into herself. Only by laying aside each of her masks, exposing her vulnerability and surrendering entirely to the unknown can she finally return to her place on earth. This myth symbolises the natural cycle of death - transformation - rebirth with which we are confronted in various forms: menstruation, the seasons of the year, etc. We also confront our demons while alive, learning about and facing our darker side. Will you confront them with us?

About Mystery Pact

An artistic collective of inspirational women who decided to combine their passions in a ritual dance theatre company. Process-orientated creation, physical practices, archetype work and harmonisation with the cycles of nature are central in this work.