Potentiality of the Unnecessary

Mimi Wascher & Paul Möstl

  • Performance
  • Wandeling


03.06.2021 15:00

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Starting point #1 - Place Saint-Jean ; Starting point #2 - Place d'Espagne
End location - Parc Royal/Kiosk.Radio
1000 Brussel

> The performance starts from two different starting points. Choose where you want to start:
>>> Place Saint-Jean
>>> Place d’Espagne
> It will be a surprise whom of the two performers you will meet at the starting point.
> Tune in to the virtual space for Céline’s live-set on Kiosk.Radio
> Both performers and their audience will make their way to Parc Royal/Kiosk.Radio
> Finally when we all meet - audience, performers and music - we can leave the virtual space of the Radio and enjoy Céline’s set mixing with the sounds of the park.

In “Potentiality of the Unnecessary“ contemporary dancer Mimi Wascher and performance philosopher Paul Möstl explore the limitations and hidden possibilities of movement in public urban space. To what extent can we free ourselves from the normative trajectories and predetermined, purpose-oriented patterns of movement and enter into playful resonance with the urban environment? The performers invite the audience to consider the material, architectural, and social conditions that shape movement within inner-city landscapes. Headphones and a smartphone will allow you to listen to a Live-Set by Céline Gillain via online stream from Kiosk.Radio which will be the third component of this performance. Through different movement qualities of the performers and their relationship to music and environment, the urban conditions will be made visible, contrasted and questioned. How can we embrace the materiality of our surroundings, show ourselves vulnerable or ecstatic in public, encounter each other playfully and allow our goals to be flexible?

With the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum Brussels
In collaboration with Céline Gillain and Kiosk.Radio

About Mimi Wascher & Paul Möstl

Mimi Wascher works as a contemporary dancer and performer between Belgium, Austria and France. After her bachelor studies at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, she started a collaboration with Steven Michel and Théo Mercier for their piece 'Big Sisters'. In her own research, she explores somatic experiences and the human body's ability to resonate with other bodies in the here and now. The ephemeral aspect plays a large role in her relationship to dance as a performing art. For the past year, she has been working with Paul Möstl around the philosophy of dance and physical movement in general. Besides her artistic work, Mimi is part of the anchor group of 'voices of dance'. A young organisation whose goal is to connect different sorts and generations of people working in dance in Belgium and representing that variety of people in discussions on art policy with the government, unions, and artist driven organisations.

Paul Möstl lives and works in Vienna, where he studied philosophy as well as the postgraduate course "Philosophical Practice", whose aim is to make philosophy fruitful as a resource for a broader public in the non-academic field and to work at the interface with other disciplines. Paul's interests are particularly in connecting philosophy with body practices as well as performance art. He is currently completing his master's degree in philosophy with a thesis on the philosophy of dance and is collaborating with the dancer Mimi Wascher in this context. He is always accompanied by the questions: How can philosophy be expressed performatively? How can we let bodily experiences and philosophical reflection enter into a mutually intensifying interaction?