LostMovementcollective - Touch Has A Memory. O Say, Love, Say, What Can I Do To Kill It And Be Free?


  • Performance
  • Installatie


16.07.2021 19:00

16.07.2021 21:00

17.07.2021 19:00

17.07.2021 21:00

18.07.2021 19:00

18.07.2021 21:00



Tolhuislaan 10
9000 Gent

This piece is a multimedia dance performance that deals with the memory of touch. Wandering through different spaces, the audience is guided through an immersive environment composed of traces of memories, fragmental stories and confessions. From an intimate sound installation, a garden and a rooftop, the audience will join the performers in exploring the space through sound, movement and memories.
To create this performance, we collected an archive of experiences which has enabled us to build four landscapes revealing different perspectives on touch and memory. These landscapes combine dance, architecture and sound, and are used to explore the tactile relationship between performers and the audience.

About LostMovementcollective

Composed of Greek, Belgian and Mexican nationalities, the LostMovementCollective is a research-based movement group from The Netherlands and Belgium. After sharing a Master’s research process at ArtEZ University (2018-2020), we founded this collective to continue our research. Since then we have developed our own practice and have continuously been finding spaces to collaborate with other artists, such as Julyen Hamilton, Benjamin Vanderwalle, Charo Calvo and The Otherwise Collective.

As a collective, we seek an expanded and complex perception of the human body. This political, poetic, post-human and vulnerable body is made in collectivity, expansion and interdependence. Through artistic research we have found the space for this expanded body not only as performers/researchers, but also as the body of the space we share with others, be it the audience, collaborators, peers or other forms of life.