El movimiento peligroso

Lisa Piette

  • Performance


24.06.2023 20:30



Walter De Buckplein 5
9000 Gent

I wanted a project on the physical expression of the female body without filters.
The inspiration came when I was just dancing at a party, not a care in the world, when someone made the innocent remark that the way my hips were moving was seen as ‘dangerous’.
Suddenly, there was a block, because I had the feeling that I was doing something wrong.
The only thing I could think was; ‘dangerous for whom?’
I wanted to work on the subject of full body expression, with a group of women, to find ways to allow each dancer to have the courage to show her own softness, sensuality and womanliness, even if society or your immediate environment have other ideas.
The dancers who will be performing are Tine Limet, Veronica Bala, Inge Goovaerts and Sanne Meert.

About Lisa Piette

Lisa Piette is from Kortrijk and danced for 10 years at the Polydans dance school.
She soon combined her penchant for hip hop with lessons in contemporary dance and took part in various youth projects from Passerelle in collaboration with Seppe Baeyens, Laura Vanborm and Andros Zins-Browne.
While studying business interpreting and translation, she taught dance at various dance schools and sports centres, and after living in Madrid for five years, she trained to be a hatha yoga teacher at Yogalife in Belgium.
She now teaches dance expression and hatha yoga at the Groene Vallei yoga studio in Ghent.
As a further expression of her passion for image and movement, she has now turned her artistic dance video for Danstorm in 2021 into a dance production for CODE DANS.