Planète A

Léa Vinette

  • Performance


08.09.2021 21:00



Parc Forest
116 avenue Marie-Henriette
1000 Brussel

The meeting point is in front of 116 avenue Marie-Henriette, 1190 Forest. From there, you will be guided to the exact performance location. Please reserve by email to to make sure we comply with the corona measures.

A young woman lives alone in a bright white and cold space in which darkness does not exist. One day, night falls. Gradually, darkness appears.
Anguished and intrigued by this strange phenomenon which slowly absorbs the world she knows, she feels herself disappear and starts to go through contradictory physical states, from frenzy to restraint. The more darkness sets in, the more it relates to the world around her. She is screaming for help and at the same time screaming with pleasure, feeling alive and vibrant to the depths of the cosmos.
In a detailed dance, the woman shares the transcendent energy of the night with the audience. Her body is sensitive, intuitive, multiple, uninhibited and contradictory.

Léa Vinette - concept and choregraphy
In collaboration with
Gwenaël Bodet - sound
Luca Tichelman - costume
Florence Augendre - artistic advice and physiologic support
Simon van der Zande - image

About Léa Vinette

Léa is a French dancer and choreographer based in Brussels.
Since graduating with a bachelor degree from ArtEZ school of arts in 2017, she has worked with the choreographers Liat Magnezy, Ido Batash, Michèle-Anne de Mey and Fatou Traoré, Rakesh Sukesh, Ambra Senatore and Irene K cie.
In 2014, Léa met Florence Augendre at Les Ateliers C de la B. Since then she has been involved with her in fasciapulsology applied to dance, which has become a real physical and intellectual research and an important tool in her own creative work.
She is currently working as a performer with Louise Vanneste for the creation of the piece Earths, as well as with Michèle Murray-PLAY (France), and in the 2022 creation of Tabea Martin (Switzerland).
Léa is supported by the French Community of Belgium, Les Ateliers Médicis, and Charleroi Danse for the research and creation in 2022 of her first solo Planète A.