Katja Pire

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03.06.2023 00:00

04.06.2023 00:00

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9000 Gent

Don't forget to drive when the light turns green :)

On 3rd and 4th June Katja Pire and 13 young people will be hitting the zebra crossings in Ghent and Ostend. While waiting for a red light, you will be challenged to literally stand still and consider in what way, and how much, you are touched. A performance that will make you want to hug a friend or to make contact in another way without words, but with the fullest awareness of existence. A plea for fewer words and more contact.
The young people can be seen on different zebra crossings in Ghent on 3rd June. They can then be seen the next day in Ostend on 4th June.

About Katja Pire

Katja Pire and 13 young people are investigating how physical contact has an effect on daily life on the one hand, and on the other hand, how we avoid it, how much we need it and how difficult it is to obtain. The result is a street performance for zebra crossings on the coast and further away. Katja and the young people are being coached by Tijen Lawton.
The young people come from Li├Ęge and have named their group Yliti. They have risen to the challenge for 2023 to abandon their comfort zone and, by means of different projects, to meet other young people, to dance in other settings, to question themselves and to examine what it means to be 16 in 2023.