The Ark of No-one


  • Performance
  • Installatie


30.11.2021 20:00

It's not required to reserve tickets.


Enclosed garden of Het Pand in the Caermersklooster
Langesteenstraat 16
9000 Gent

Het Pand is a part of the Caermersklooster. It is on the left of the gallery. A large green gate provides access to a enclosed garden where our performance will take place.

On Tuesday 30th November, the HOTUB Collectief will be performing De Ark van Niemand. A musical production inspired by the occupation of the Caermersklooster, an attempt by the ‘Pandemists’ to prevent the privatisation of the former monastery.

‘They sleep with their hands on the table, fingers spread out and stuck to the surface, and while the neighbours celebrate the days they have left, the raw night gives way to dawn. In the garden, the broken screws drown out the waking birds, a woman sits to keep watch from under the oak tree and, high at the front of the deck, where steam pours out of a pipe and cardboard moves in the window, a light suddenly goes on. They are inside the boat.’


HOTUB is a band, but it is also a dance, live performance and movement collective. They try to relate to a complex outside world from the border of performance and theatre, the imaginary and reality. HOTUB explore the rhythms of their bodies accompanying themselves with their music.