Air Odyssee

Compagnie Aira danst op muziek van Stellar Legions

  • Performance


27.06.2021 15:00



Kunstenpark Ijzerenberg
Brusselsesteenweg 129
1000 Brussel

Air Odyssey is the first artistic collaboration in the form of a dance concert between the Compagnie Aira dance company and the Stellar legions jazz collective. 18 young dancers embody the musical structures, rhythms and notes that are performed live by Andrew Claes, Bram Weijters Fre Madou and Klaas De Somer.

Air Odyssee is a dance production that will be performed in an exceptionally beautiful private garden, actually a private park. Its owner calls it an art park. Sculptures will also be on display while the production is being performed, which you can take your time to view.

Tickets: 15€ + 5€ admission IJzenberg, for which you can visit the entire art park.

About Compagnie Aira danst op muziek van Stellar Legions

About Compagnie Aira:

Compagnie Aira is a modern/contemporary jazz dance company for young people between the ages of 15 and 25 years. The company consists of 18 dancers and is part of Danscentrum Aike Raes. Aike Raes, Thibault Bollue and Zoë Demoustie are responsible for the company’ s artistic direction. In addition to the permanent teachers, guest choreographers are regularly invited to work with the dancers so that they can become familiar with different styles and techniques.

About Stellar Legions:

Fresh, contemporary and one big, rugged adventure, that is Stellar Legions. The new collective, with its genesis in jazz, hip hop, dub, electro, dance and many other genres, unites that adventure and the improvisation of jazz with contemporary sounds. Their identity is live improvisation on themes and outlines, which may not always have been agreed beforehand. In the last 12 months they have performed in Belgian jazz cafes in preparation for their debut album (due in the spring of 2021). Their sound can be described as a semi-electronic dream world of ecstasy in which anything can happen. There is dance, laughter and emotion to mean grooves, ethereal synths, snatches of jazzy accordion and catchy melodies. Their concerts feels like a journey through different musical worlds that take you to a nameless, but definitely other-worldly place.

The band consists of saxophonist Andrew Claes (STUFF, BRZZVLL, Dez Mona, etc.), keyboards Bram Weijters (Raymond Van Het Groenewoud, Mauro Pawlowski, Dez Mona, Piet Verbist Quartet, Jelle Van Giel Group, etc.), drums Klaas De Somer (Eefje De Visser, Tourist Lemc, Pomrad, J. Bernardt, Faces on TV, etc.) and double bass Fre Madou (DAAU, Gwen Taylor Trio, The Jacquelines, Namid, The Golden Glows, etc.).