...What we came to be a part of...


  • Performance


20.10.2022 00:00

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Jessa ziekenhuis Hasselt
Stadsomvaart 11
3500 Hasselt

This dance production is currently only for patients and their family and friends. Any additional performances for a wider audience will be announced in due course.

...What we came to be a part of... is about how the way you see yourself changes. It will be performed in the Jessa hospital for cancer patients and their family and friends on the Day Against Cancer.

The production is about that which is unseen, about what happens to you when you are in remission. When you are out of the ‘survival mode’ and are looking for a way to reconcile yourself with the person you have become. Humour and positivity play an important part in this.

...What we came to be a part of... is performed by Eva Helsen, Ines Feytongs, Are-Ching Man, An Verheyen and Melanie Guyot. Some of the production has been choreographed by Freya Pauwels and the rest by the dancers themselves with the support of the choreographer Jolanda Luijten.

About CieHuanca

CieHuanca began in 2020. Eva wanted to make a dance concept video, brought some dancers together, looked for a choreographer and found fantastic location, the casino in Gompel. They have since gone from one project to another, and from videos to live performance. But they are mainly a group of passionate dancers of all ages; the youngest is 19 and the oldest 63, and there’s everything in between.