Jumping over the Zebra Stripes


  • Performance


26.05.2024 16:00

It's not required to reserve tickets.


Godshuizenlaan 4
9000 Gent

We will meet in front of the Kask Cinema at Godshuizenlaan 4, 9000 Gent, from there we will go to the location together.

Through encounters with childhood memories, games and tales, we embrace and wrestle with movement, song and text in a world full of imagination and discovery. We are intrigued by the diverse qualities children possess, such as open-mindedness, curiosity, rawness, honesty, risk-taking, etc. Children's books and mythological stories, such as those of Medusa and witches, also capture our attention. From these sources we improvise with images and play, abstracting and reinterpreting fairy tales and stories. We also play with an autobiographical character as we incorporate our own childhood stories and memories, which are distorted, giving rise to new emotions and narratives. And with Musician Arnaud Soetens, who will accompany us live during the performance, we aim to intertwine the roles of musician and dancer.

About zebrastripes

Mette Nilsen (NO) and Amber Bosteels (BE) met as unexpected housemates when both were studying at Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, UK. After graduating, Mette went on to complete an MA in Performance as part of EDGE Dance Company at London Contemporary Dance School and has been based in the UK since, working as a dancer and actor at the Royal Opera House in London and as a freelance dance teacher. Amber currently works as a freelance dancer in Belgium as well as abroad with the company Instant Dissidence. However, they always knew they wanted to reconnect creatively which has resulted in their first ever duet; “Jumping over the zebra stripes”. Having lived together, growing a beautiful friendship, the pair show a strong and genuine connection in their work and are passionate about creating inspiring and joyful work as well as bringing dance out to local communities.