Covid Affects Nature, Our Nature

Yanina Verplanke, Karlien Lox, Kelly De Clerq, Marina Papadakis

  • Performance
  • Expo
  • Film


12.09.2021 10:00



Hoeve Lootens
Sint-Markoenstraat 66
9032 Wondelgem

In the artistic project Covid Affects Nature, dance, photography, song and theatre are brought together in a visualisation of emotion, experience and loneliness. The pressure on nature increased because of Covid-19. We used a lot of water and masks, whilst simultaneously discovering the peace and relaxation of the countryside.

All artists, all individual in their own way, nevertheless have something in common, apart from their enthusiasm: their empathy for the effect of COVID on both people and nature. The film documentary offers a digital podium to these artists who have worked hard to present their creativity in an on- and offline setting in uncertain times. It shows us how the pandemic represented an extra challenge demanding creative solutions.

The project will conclude on Sunday 12th September in Wondelgem, with live performances in different disciplines and dance styles. Photos on the theme of the project will also be exhibited.

More information on the agenda and tickets to be announced.

About Yanina Verplanke, Karlien Lox, Kelly De Clerq, Marina Papadakis

Yanina (co-ordinator, director and choreographer) started her first ballet lessons at the age of four. She has also studied classical and contemporary ballet, including pointe technique, and contemporary, modern and jazz dance. As an additional challenge she took part in various dance competitions, performing in groups or as an en pointe or modern dance soloist. Yanina currently teaches children pre- and classical ballet and modern dance, but she still also enjoys performing modern dance and classical ballet. She is co-ordinating the project with her mum, Claudia Waas.

Karlien Lox: coach, choreographer, dance teacher
Kelly De Clercq: choreographer, dance teacher
Marina Papadakis: choreographer, dance teacher
Ben Philips: actor
Daniël Van Quickelberghe: tenor, classical song
Mingtje Wang: spoken word
Soraya Verplanke: skating on ice and roller skates
Soraya Verplanke and Maria de Priester-Waas: photography