Distort the body

Train of Thought

  • Performance


11.07.2021 20:00



De carrousel
Ledeganckkaai 8
2000 Antwerpen

The Carrousel is an open-air theatre. It can get windy by the river Scheldt, so bring a blanket and an extra jumper with you.

The audience can also get wet from the rain because of that wind, even though there is a roof. If the wind and/or rain is heavy, performances may be cancelled. If that does happen, ticket-holders will be contacted by telephone and they will receive a refund.


We are about to explode, body and soul. Three dazzling acrobats offer a pallet of new and diverse circus acts. Accompanied by a live musician, Jakobe Geens and Compagnie That’s It invite you to laugh and enjoy circus, humour and creativity together. The evening is the perfect launch for a fresh start with new perspectives.

About Train of Thought

GEDACHTEGANG - ‘Train of Thought’ - is thought as an intellectual piste from the past that we need to understand the present. Implicit in this, is that thought may lead us somewhere else in the future.

GEDACHTEGANG is a circus for the senses that approaches challenging subjects in a careful and polyphonous way.

GEDACHTEGANG is ‘inter’ in so many ways: interdisciplinary, international, interaction, interhuman, interpretation, interruption and intercultural.

GEDACHTEGANG creates circus in which expectations, habits and patterns in our society are challenged.

GEDACHTEGANG is the duo Jakobe Geens and Margot Jansens.