Hold Me Tight

The Backyard vzw - piece by Machias Bosschaerts & Margot Masquelier

  • Performance
  • Wandeling


23.10.2021 20:00



Arena Plein in De Carrousel in Deurne on 23/10/2021
Ledeganckkaai 3
2100 Deurne

De voorstelling vindt plaats op een bouwwerf; een eenzaam skelet van wat ooit een huis was.

'Hold Me Tight' is a choreography by the performers Machias Bosschaerts and Margot Masquelier. The two characters try to fathom the complexity of a relationship. They do so by pushing their physical limits and driving each other to extremes, so that "keeping up appearances" is no longer possible. The result is a choreography about love, confusion, power and tenderness. 'Hold Me Tight' is a performance for a broad audience. It is very physical, but at the same time it expresses intimacy, poetry and humour.

Light design: Joey Broken
Coaching: The Backyard, Jan Martens
Partners: Kavka, Level up, Oc Nova, Fameus, Het Bos in the context of Bos Academie, DansPunt in the context of Code Dans

About The Backyard vzw - piece by Machias Bosschaerts & Margot Masquelier

The Backyard is a group of 13 young dance artists who studied together at the Royal Conservatoire in Antwerp. The three years they spent together now form the basis of their collective. As artists, they want to use their individual talents for the benefit of the group. It’s all about working together, sharing knowledge and helping one another. The Backyard focuses mainly on performing arts, but some of the artists also make excursions into visual arts, costume and set design.