Terpsichore danst MOVING & RAKET 2.0

Terpsichore danst MOVING & RAKET 2.0

  • Performance


14.06.2021 00:00



Puurs, Bornem
diverse locaties
2880 Bornem

Our young makers have created location-specific concepts and pieces that they have tackled creatively with young dancers.
Bearing in mind the current safety measures, the event is only open to the children’s parents, who must register in advance.

About Terpsichore danst MOVING & RAKET 2.0

Short, outdoor shows by young dancers aged 3 to 12 years old. We offer both dancers and audiences the chance to experience or re-experience the uniqueness of a stage presentation.

Choreographers: Frédérique Dom, Rafke Van Houplines, Jolien Voorspools, Lore Vereeken, Azzedine Benzaza, Femke De Schepper & Kathy Van den Bergh