Risky Games intensive dance week showcase

Talking Bodies

  • Performance


23.12.2022 00:00

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check het facebookevent op onze facebookpagina (www.facebook.com/DanscollectiefTalkingBodies)
check het facebookevent op onze facebookpagina (www.facebook.com/DanscollectiefTalkingBodies)
3000 Leuven

(www.facebook.com/DanscollectiefTalkingBodies) voor updates ivm de locatie

The dance collective Talking Bodies is organising an intensive dance week from 26th to 30th December. During the week, we will explore under the guidance of Iñaki Azpillaga how we as amateur dancers can develop spectacular movement material. Our starting points will be the physicality and the dramatic universes associated with the terms ‘powerful’ and ‘vulnerable’. The objective of the dance week is to learn how we as dancers can surprise others, challenge each other physically, tease each other and flexibly react to the surprises with which our dance partners confront us. The showcase itself will take place with live musical accompaniment from Jo Zanders (De Batterij/DROM/BRUITAL). The location of the showcase may be changed in the event of heavy rain.

About Talking Bodies

Talking Bodies is a playful collective of amateur contemporary dancers from Leuven which began in 2021. Talking Bodies creates contemporary dance productions for public spaces and organises development opportunities for amateur contemporary dancers.