Wakanda Family

Swing Connects

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04.06.2021 18:00

05.06.2021 18:00

06.06.2021 12:00



Friday: Place Flagey; Elsenne - Saturday: Tuin van de Kunstberg; Bxl - Sunday: Kouter Ghent
Place Flagey; Elsenne
1050 Elsene

The performance will take place all during a long weekend Friday to Sunday, in 3 different locations:

1: 04/06 18:00 Friday * Place Flagey; Elsenne
2: 05/06 18:00 Saturday * Tuin van de Kunstberg; Bxl
3: 06/06 12:00 Sunday * Kouter Ghent

We are going to present the history of Wakanda family, affected by smartphone addiction, the effects that social media has on the marriage, the fight that takes place inside the husband, the fight between the two wolves that live inside him: the evil and the good; a performance where we express the interior fight, how we become the marionette of our own impotence, the impotence to make a change, to get free, and to regain the lost connection.

About Swing Connects

Swing Connects is a dance platform to spark connection between newcomers, refugees, asylum seekers, people who just arrived, who live in Park Maximilian or in the refugee camps with established community members, through dance and music in a safe space. Swing Connects mission is to empower people from different social contexts; to build up trust and break down barriers between refugees, newcomers and locals through dance.