Le Marin Perdu

Natalia Vallebona - Faustino Blanchut /Poetic Punkers

  • Performance


03.10.2021 21:00

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Fondazione Luzzati - Teatro della Tosse
Piazza Renato Negri 6 16123 Genova
1000 Brussel

The project will have its première in Genoa, Italy, at the Festival Resistere e Creare

Upcoming dates
28 August 2021 (avant-première) LOBO Festival (Montbrun Bocage/Toulouse, FR)
20 February 2022 Teatro Mario Spina di Castiglion Fiorentino (IT)
April 2022 Teatro San Materno Ticino (CH)

"Le Marin Perdu" is a dance and physical theater performance by Natalia Vallebona and Faustino Blanchut.
The work is inspired by "The Lost Mariner", a chapter in the book "The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat" by Oliver Sacks.
In this chapter, the patient is stuck in the present, in conflict with his memory, a frozen past that doesn't change with time, and a future that cannot exist. The performance stages the life of a broken man, lost between the splinters of his memory.
This introspection is expressed by means of an incongruous and fragmented body language, that enables the character to express his own diagnosis.
"Moi, j’ai perdu ma mé … Moi" (Me, I lost my … me).

AWARDS: Mouvement Contemporaine 2018, Premio Expolis 2019, Premio delle Arti 2019, Hangarfest Essere Creativo 2019.
SUPPORTED BY: Bergerie de Soffin, Micadanses, Komme Tanz, Teatro della Tosse, Festival Onze Bouge, Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni, Teatro della Contraddizione.

About Natalia Vallebona - Faustino Blanchut /Poetic Punkers

The Poetic Punkers collective was founded in Belgium in 2013 by Natalia Vallebona.
In 2017, Faustino Blanchut joined the group, first as an interpreter, later as a co-author.
Poetic Punkers are authors recognized by the SACD.
They are supported by Les choses qui font Boom (Fr) and by Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni (It).
Natalia Vallebona is an independent artist who draws inspiration from ten years of artistic research at the intersection of dance, theatre and performance throughout Europe.

• Il Turista del Sentimento: Pilot Project 2017-2020:
- Le marin perdu: created and performed by Natalia Vallebona and Faustino
Awards: Mouvement Contemporaine/ Micadanses 2018, Premio Expolis 2019, Premio delle Arti 2019, Hangarfest Essere Creativo 2019.
- Où les fleurs fanent: created by Natalia Vallebona. 2017/2018.
Award: Premio Giovani Realtà del Teatro 2017, Udine.
• The Shadow of the South: by and with Natalia Vallebona and Chloè Beillevaire.
Dance Brussels 2017
• MissXX by Natalia Vallebona. Music by Patrick Belmont 2016/2017
• After Party: a point of view about the decadence of contemporary woman 2016/2017
• Beatrice: Pilot Project 2013/2015:
- RDV Tomorrow: residency in Parts 2015 and Sign Six Brussels.
- Fragilmente: by Natalia Vallebona: site-specific creation
Pedagogy Natalia Vallebona
Guest Teacher and Choreographer in: Codarts, Teatro Stabile Torino, Charleroi Danse, Erd
Micadanses, Accademia Teatro Dimitri, Talk Project, Cirko Vertigo.