I still feel uncomfortable

De Ruyck Lauryn

  • Performance


17.06.2021 19:30



At KASK, opposite the KASK Café terrace
Louis Pasteurlaan 2
9000 Gent

My creation is a solo production on the underlying theme of the sense of shame I feel as a Belgian about events such as colonisation. I went in search of different purification rituals and forms of ecstasy, and I have been inspired by older cultures and various artists. My production combines performance art and dance.

About De Ruyck Lauryn

I am Lauryn De Ruyck, and I can best describe myself as a creative soul. At secondary school, I studied contemporary dance at the High School for the Arts in Antwerp. I am currently studying performance at KASK (School of Arts) in Ghent. Within my artistic practice, I explore through different artistic disciplines, primarily dance and performance.