Crack(er)s, or a performance about meals and mistakes

Lara Groeneweg & Roelie de Jaeger

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02.07.2024 11:00

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Gallerij Campo&Campo
Grotesteenweg 19-21
2600 Berchem

Free performance, there is an ongoing exhibition from July 2 through July 8, 2024. Performances are July 2, 3 and 4 only. Be welcome!

In a study of form, two performers explore the folds, cracks, lines in their own bodies and their beauty. It examines the image of the female body in popular culture and the media and its effect on women's ideal images. It culminates in a multidisciplinary performance with dance, photography, film, text and music.


Lara has always been fascinated by the images surrounding female hunger in the media and the way eating women are depicted in popular culture. To this day, there are still few films or series in the mainstream in which women deal with food in a "normal" way. In most cases when women are depicted eating, it is highly controlled. Female Hunger strikes at sexuality in addition to food: when women eat in movies or series, it is often sexualized. Or women who are open about their sexuality are labeled as hungry. Links are also made between food and sexuality in the media, for example in advertising. Within the concept of female hunger, food and sexuality go hand in hand.

Roelie researches the perception of the female body in general and perception of the vulva. She is curious about how the female body is viewed and to what extent we as women want/are able/need to adapt to an "ideal image" that is constantly changing. The focus of her work is on body positivity and researching the link between female hunger and eating problems. Roelie's fascination with the imagery surrounding the vulva prompted her to collect photographs of cracks: images of "cracks" and lines in everyday life and nature that suggest vulvas. She also examined the folds and lines in her own body, which arise naturally in a body in motion. During her movement research, she took close-ups of these lines and folds. These images became references to both the taboo around the vulva and the taboo around imperfections in the female body. It became a celebration of the small "flaws" in both objects and people. Roelie's research on vulvas will become an important link between female hunger and female sexuality.

About Lara Groeneweg & Roelie de Jaeger

Roelie de Jaeger is a performer, visual artist and teacher. She acted in several low-budget films and has been on stage with KunstZ and "Situations." Studying PO teacher and project art subjects, she prefers to give workshops combining those disciplines. With her own work, she critiques social issues with the aim of standing up for minorities.

Lara Groeneweg is a dancer, writer and visual artist. After her studies, Lara became involved in various socio-cultural projects, with the overall goal of providing a safe space for people to move, regardless of their background and with a sensitivity to social issues. She is currently studying dance therapy and combines her work as a dancer with her job as a counselor in a Red Cross refugee reception center.