A T E N C O - At water´s edge

Julia Färber Data

  • Performance


17.10.2021 00:18

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Digue du Canal 8, 1070 Bruxelles
Digue du Canal 8, 1070 Bruxelles
1070 Anderlecht

In front of the CdS space. -
- in front of the Canal-

A woman standing at the edge of water, follows the waves movement, within a small window she breaks a path through memory.
A dance ritual for the glory of a personal story that is a universal mourning.
A foreign land that harvests deadly flowers...
So many things can be said in a sunset dance.

This is an improvisation dance piece to follow a site specific.

About Julia Färber Data

Specialized in improvisation, formal social anthropolgist, started her studies and work in theater long time ago, she followed many disciplines still nowadays that are part of her own melting pot. From basketball, ballet, folkloric, physical theater, climbing, yoga, martial arts...she follows her own research work as a creator, performer, a project developper and teacher.
Besides her own work she has collaborated with several artists and companies such as Francisco Córdova, Vivian Cruz- Landscape artes escénicas, Beto Pérez- Ítaca, Jose Alberto Gallardo- Teatro de la brevedad, Marisol Cal y Mayor- Altagracia, Aladino R. Blanca, Melva Olivas, Laura Aris, Elodie Paternostre, Paola Madrid, Artist Commons-. Hedi and Ali Thabet, Nelson Martínez and Marie Martinez
She also followed important studies between Europe and Mexico, and worked in interdisciplinary projects collaborating with visual artists and musicians, and co-founder of Comunity dancing: Bubble dance.