Glow sky - nothing incredible


  • Performance
  • Festival


07.08.2021 19:00



Asbl L’Accroche
rue du pont de luttre 72, Forest, Brussels
1190 Vorst

Performances takes place in the frame of Top Floor Festival in Asbl L’Accroche.
Opening doors are at 18:00 and a série of 6 performances starts at 19:00.
« Glow sky - nothing incredible » will be played 2nd.

We listen, observe, react, interact, leave and take space. Through a journey in improvisation, we established ways of communication and games, that we used as a structure. Images, stories and relationships we create are always different and can be understood in different ways. We are not looking for meaning but for connexion. With the self, with us, with the space, with you.


HOEK is a dance collective composed of 4 dancers with a common background in contemporary
dance: Victoria Kennett, Elise Ludinard, Théo Marion-Wuilemn & Dunya Narli. Our first gathering
took place in July 2020, in the context of Covid-19, as a physical response to uncertainty. We explore
dance improvisation and instant composition, as a practise, in order to propose a “one-time-
spontaneous” performance.