Tournée de quartier / Buurtbezoek

Florian Vuille

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30.06.2021 18:00

13.07.2021 14:00

13.07.2021 16:00

14.07.2021 14:00

14.07.2021 16:00

15.07.2021 18:00

16.07.2021 14:00

16.07.2021 16:00

17.07.2021 14:00

24.07.2021 18:00

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see flyer
1070 Anderlecht

Tournée de quartier / Buurtbezoek is a 30-minute show for all audiences. With a light structure and no other pretension than bringing live art back into our daily life, Paola Di Bella and Florian Vuille will present some of their best solos and duos, mixed with musical interventions. The show has been planned in order to question unnecessary travel around the globe. Therefore, the tour is happening in Anderlecht only. You can enjoy it this week from your balcony or in the street (watch the tour dates), just don't forget your umbrella!

About Florian Vuille

Florian Vuille is a Swiss born performer, he started performing in 2010 as a clown in circuses around Europe (France, Switzerland, Finland, Belarus, Germany). In 2012 he moved to Brussels and slowly shifted from circus to dance. In 2013 he met David Zambrano and trained and worked with him since. At the moment, he is part of projects on kids and dance together with Anne-Lore Baeckeland and Mat Voorter. He performs with Paola Di Bella, Daniele Bianco, Fanny Brouyaux and in the group Brut Movement. In his performances, he likes to call upon his various backgrounds.