Elisabeth Van Dyck

  • Performance


18.05.2024 19:30



Firma I
Schaarbeeklei 636
1800 Vilvoorde

You can park in the streets surrounding the building!

PLOTTER, a performance where dance meets graphic design. 21 dancers between the ages of 13 and 43, will translate 9 very different choreographies into a drawn document. Through the use of paint, the dancers will leave traces during their movements. Traces , another way of preserving choreography. The points of contact with the floor will thus become an essential feature. It will be a game between gravity, intensity of movements, a support and a medium. Due to the complexity of this arrangement, the performance will be a one-off. Do you want to be part of this unique fact? Then reserve your seat quickly via the link below.

About Elisabeth Van Dyck

Elisabeth Van Dyck, the choreographer of this performance created it to complete her undergraduate thesis, which is about translating movements that have no name. Here she is looking for a way to still give the complex movements of contemporary dance a name or symbol. PLOTTER is the grand elaboration of this. A 40-minute performance that will be "written down" by the dancers. They used a lot of input from the dancers themselves to make the whole thing come to life. Since September 2023, they have been rehearsing the pieces and May 18, 2024 is finally here!

Elisabeth Van Dyck, 20 from Heist-op-den-Berg is in her final bachelor year of graphic design at Sint-Lucas Antwerp. She has been dancing since she was 11 years old at dance studio Kick-iT and has been teaching here permanently for 2 years, as well as at the Berlaar dance studio.