Compagnie Huanca

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01.08.2021 16:00

01.08.2021 18:00

01.08.2021 20:00



Casino van Gompel
Owenslei 6
2400 Mol

Let go
Keep going
Be yourself
Love yourself
Open your heart
Speak your truth
Feel your instincts
Trust the universe
Learn your own lessons
Own your nonsense
Get back to basics
Follow your own path
Expand your limits
Make your own decision

UrbexSouls is about that moment in life when all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. When life reaches a turning point and takes a turn for the better. Danced by four women in their thirties, each with her own story.

About Compagnie Huanca

Compagnie Huanca emerged from the desire to create. The company was founded in 2020 by Eva Helsen. Dancers with different backgrounds are brought together in different short dance projects. The focus is on connection.
The creators and dancers in the project 'UrbexSouls' are Eva Helsen, Jolanda Luijten, An Verheyen and Inès Feytongs, with coaching by Sandra Delgadillo.