Choreograaf: Shauni Wauters // Compagnie Âme

  • Performance


04.07.2024 19:30

05.07.2024 19:30



Sint-Daniël Profeet Beervelde (Kerk)
Beervelde-dorp 62
9080 Lochristi

Doors open 1h before start of performance.
Possibility of a drink in the adjacent "Sfeervelde".

Âme is a soul-stirring contemporary dance performance, brought to you by the talented dancers of compagnie Âme. We live in a society focused on speed, volatility and action. Rarely do we get time to stop, slow down and feel.
In this dance performance you will be put in touch with the deepest part of yourself, your piece of soul. Our dancers aim to touch, create awareness and make you feel.
Through imagery, beautiful music and dance pieces (choreography & own creation) you will be drawn into our piece of soul existence.

About Choreograaf: Shauni Wauters // Compagnie Âme

Compagnie Âme is a contemporary dance company from Ghent. Âme is the French translation of the word 'soul'. We strive to put the soul in the center of every creative process, not only with the dancers, but also with the audience. The goal is to create performances that put you in touch with yourself, that make you stop and slow down and above all make you feel. In a world that spins faster and faster and where distractions are never far away, we sometimes lose touch with ourselves. Âme invites you to leave the outside world for a moment and connect with your inner being.

Our talented dancers take you on a journey of self-discovery: a journey that begins on stage and initiates a process within yourself. Every movement, gesture and breath in our performances is infused with meaning. Âme draws inspiration from human experience, from joy to sorrow, from hope to fear, and brings all those feelings to life through movement. It is a celebration of being human in all its facets, an invitation to feel, reflect and grow. Âme challenges the conventions of contemporary dance and embraces freedom of expression. Our performances are a fusion of choreographic virtuosity and emotional depth. The choreographies are an interplay of set steps, as well as improvisation from within the dancers themselves.