Until The bEat Never Fades

Be House

  • Performance


09.05.2024 19:30

10.05.2024 21:00



24-26, Rue de Veeweyde, 1070 Anderlecht
1070 Anderlecht

Be House presents Until the beat never fades. Une sortie de résidence, a first creation created by the current configuration crew members.

House music traverses the entire body, spreading from the fingertips to the toes, from the most visceral to mechanical House subgenre. Thanks to the rhythmic anchoring of the four-on-four, the human body responds instinctively.

By engaging in musical and physical dialogue with Cheb Runner, producer, DJ and musician, Be House portrays the interaction between dancer and music.
The receptivity within house music serves as a metaphor for the rituals the collective has developed together. It symbolizes the practices that manifest between them, through their dancing and within each individual.

Concept & performance: Be House_Inès Colson, Laura Feretti, Emma Hellebaut, Manon Kanjinga Janssen, Pamela Russo, Inês Talib
Outside eye : Clementine Cesaire, Raquel Suarez Duenas, Nadine Baboy, Nathalie Mybalé, Junior Akwety, Hervé Loka
Music : Cheb Runner
Thanks to : Zinnema, Danspunt, A fond, GC Ten Noey, JH De Branding

About Be House

The Be House artist collective, founded in 2017, consists of 6 dancers with different dance backgrounds and united by their unconditional love for house culture.