Azimés Bellydance

  • Performance


11.03.2023 20:00



De Valkaart
Albrecht Rodenbachstraat 42
8020 Oostkamp

BEATS is a totally new production from Azimés Bellydance created with numerous unlikely collaborations.
Beats (BPM) is the main thread throughout the show and connects the different disciplines with each other through the eyes of numerous artists. You can expect an inspiring event and experiment, a mix & match of music, song, breakdance, African dance and percussion, slam poetry and, of course, fusion belly dance.
This unique creation is part of DANSPUNT’s CODE DANS programme.
The profits from the production are being donated to the local non-profit organisation Gandalf (, which has been making sure that families in poverty can enjoy a holiday since 1995.

About Azimés Bellydance

Azimé has her own style of classic and fusion belly dance, which can be described as lively, energetic and extremely feminine and where technique, isolation and correct execution are central. Azimés and her belly dance school present innovative choreographies full of surprising, playful elements and humour. The many titles that she has won prove that audiences really can appreciate Azimés’ ‘style’.