Between Heaven and Sand

Ann Cailliau

  • Performance
  • Wandeling


03.07.2021 15:00

It's not required to reserve tickets.


on the shoreline in Ostend, level with De Drie Gapers.
Boulevard De Drie Gapers
8400 Oostende

On the beach at Ostend, on the shoreline as the tide is going out

This is a form of pop-up dance. It will not be announced. The audience are casual passers-by and a few cameras. It is all about connecting with yourself, nature and others on the theme of gratitude. There is no music; we move to our collective inner rhythm and the sounds of the waves. Would you like to join in? A movement phrase with eight movements is all you need to learn, and the structure of the dance. Welcome!

About Ann Cailliau

Ann Cailliau has been a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher since 1989 (with a Licentiate degree in Physical Education from the KULeuven). After 20 years of teaching experience (mainly at Wisper in Leuven), she took a break, only to start back up again in the middle of the pandemic, with a renewed energy for helping people connect to themselves, nature and others through dance.