Aki Iwamoto

  • Performance
  • Installatie
  • Film


26.09.2023 14:00

27.09.2023 14:00

28.09.2023 14:00

29.09.2023 14:00

30.09.2023 11:00

It's not required to reserve tickets.


NikoNiko Japanese Bento Restaurant
104, Chaussée d’Alsemberg
1060 Sint-Gillis

You can join the event at any time on the dates 26 to 29, between 2 PM and 7 PM, and on the 30, from 11 AM to 7 PM. No need to reserve or buy tickets. The zenzai tasting is free. If you're more hungry, NikoNiko proposes a selection of tasty Japanese Bento dishes on their menu.

ZENZAI is a combination of taste and storytelling.
It is a flavorful video installation that brings together a common Japanese sweet and a peculiar story surrounding it. You are invited to visit NikoNiko, where you can savour a portion of zenzai, a sweet made of azuki beans served with grilled mochi. This culinary experience will be complemented by a visual narrative that offers a glimpse into fragments of memories from 1950s Japan.

About Aki Iwamoto

Aki Iwamoto (b. 1992, Japan) is a contemporary dancer and performance artist based in Brussels.
She graduated with a BA in dance education at the Japan Women’s College of Physical Education and a BA in contemporary dance at the Royal Conservatory Antwerp. She develops her practice through personal and collaborate creations.