Oost West Dans BEst

De Dans-"Ruh" vzw

  • Performance


12.06.2021 15:00



1000 Brussel

Nr 43, behind Herberg Macharius.

Free admission.

Corona proof: the audience is expected to sit and chairs are placed at a safe distance from each other. Max. 50 people.

Three parts:

1. The old Andalusian era when East and West lived together: from the Moorish dance where Europeans wore masks to the old Arabic palace dances.

2. The mask through history: a means to free oneself in the West; for women in the East, a restriction.

3. Everyone longs for freedom and a future without corona and masks.

About De Dans-"Ruh" vzw

De Dans-"Ruh" brings dance from North Africa and the Middle East, from Morocco to Iran. Classic and popular dance, group dance and individual expression, Arabic, Amazigh (Berber), Turkish and Persian dance, etc.

The founder and chairperson Annick Baillieul has travelled a great deal in various countries to look for, study and pass on dance.