What does the support package include?


  1. financial support up to a maximum of 3,500 euros.

To cover the cost of costumes, catering, transport or paying a technician or graphic designer… it is entirely up to you what you use the budget for*. The allocated amount is determined on the basis of the estimated budget we ask for after the selection process.

*Costs must be related to your CODE DANS project. Travel costs to and from abroad are not allowed with the financial support.


  1. production support

What do I need to bear in mind if I organise my production in a public space? What audiovisual material do I need? What permits should I apply for? Get customised advice from an expert about these and all your other questions.


  1. artistic support

Artistic coaching: this is a valuable aspect of CODE DANS. Together, we look for a suitable coach for your production. The coach will discuss with you or your group what it is you need. The emphasis is on personal contact, constructive mentoring tailored to your needs and an exchange of ideas that everyone feels comfortable with. The advice provided is artistic and content-based: the coach will not teach you new dance techniques or choreographies.


  1. rehearsal space for five days at the Danspunt studios in Ghent

If you need it, you can use one of our studios to rehearse for a maximum of 5 days.


  1. communication support

  • A spot on the CODE DANS website
  • An announcement of your event on social media
  • Who knows, the Danspunt reporter might also drop by!